You are most welcome at “Tattoo Expo Maastricht” and we hope you will enjoy our enjoy the convention.
To make it fun and safe for you and others and to avoid misunderstandings, we have a number of house rules:

Wristband (your entrance ticket):
Stick the wristband on your wrist immediately after payment at the cash register
and wear it visible on your wrist at all times during your stay. This will be checked.
You will be sent away without the original (undamaged) wristband.

Safety / Security:
For your and our safety, there is a chance that you will be checked at the entrance.
Glass bottles are not allowed into the convention hall. Weapons/knives and
alcohol taken will be confiscated.
Drugs are NOT allowed!

Photos may be taken for private purposes during the convention, please always ask
permission from the person being photographed! Beautiful photos are always
welcome – send them to us and you may come across your photo on our sites.
PAY ATTENTION! Photos taken at the convention can always be posted on social
media and/or our websites.

– Animals are not allowed in the convention hall.
– Smoking is not allowed in the convention hall (no open flames / candles / incense)
– Eating and drinking is not allowed in the tattoo stands.
– There is a separate place in the convention hall where you can eat and drink
(all this is according to the GG&GD guidelines for tattoo and piercing)
– Emergency exits/doors may only be used in an emergency/situation.
– Are you coming to the convention by motorcycle? Please keep the neighbors in mind!

– Visitors are not allowed to buy products/services sell/offer/sample/promote in and around the convention hall.
– MC colors (and “look-a-likes”) are not allowed!

And finally:
The organization is not responsible for any appointment made between visitors/participants
or products sold/purchased or any other products/service offered.

You are cordially invited to have fun at the event.
Your freedom stops where you disrupt the same freedom of other visitors/exhibitors/staff/crew.
This also applies to excessive alcohol use/abuse – don’t drink more than you can handle.
Misconduct will not be tolerated. We will not hesitate to send you away in case of excessive
alcohol consumption or harassing/disturbing other visitors/exhibitors/staff/crew.

Have fun, and let others have fun too!

Event Details


    Saturday 25th of March 2023: 11.00 – 22.00 (exhibitors from 08.00)

  • Sunday 26th of March 2023: 11.00 – 20.00 (exhibitors from 10.00)


    Forum 100 6229 GV Maastricht


    Saturday 25th of March or Sunday 26th of March is € 15. Weekend pass (Saturday, Sunday) is € 25. Children till 11 years old have free entrance. – one child per adult and under their own supervision. Entry-ticket/wristband must be put on immediately after payment. This will be checked. (without wristband you will be sent away)